Moti Promotion – Free ODLO underwear

Came across this promotion on the Moti site (mainly run and triathlon clothes) ( They are doing a special offer for July and August “Buy any two items of ODLO underwear, get a pair of ODLO Evolution Cool Briefs FREE”. I have never been very good at wearing trendy athletic baselayers/underclothes (generally it is Pennies / Primark’s best for me), but I have heard great things about the underwear range from ODLO. According to their site, the Evolution range (which seems to be the one that Moti are doing the special on) has:

  • Lightweight, seamless bodywear in 3D rotary knitting technology
  • Seamlessly integrated zones for optimal moisture transport and more ventilation
  • Ergonomic fit and modelling look
  • Flat stitching and seam ends

Sounds good to me. They also have nice bright colors (have a look at the blue underwear with the hilariously moulded-bum-area tee hee!)

Nice Deep Red

Nice Deep Red

Comfy Undies

Comfy Undies


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