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Even Krankier: New Krank Dirtwear

Just got sent details of some new jerseys from top New Zealand based MTB clothing shop Krank Dirtwear. I am really liking their use of bold colours and their designs are different to the usual BIG LOGOS plastered on every available surface of a garment. These two jerseys are a perfect example of their designs:


Its great to see on their site that they have women riders in mind, “Noticing that the lady mountain bike riders weren’t getting a fair deal with their mountainbike clothes we decided to design all of our ladies MTB clothes to suit their distinctive shape from XS right through to WXL we cater for all…”. As a stupidly-tiny 4′ 11″ rider, I have had to wear my fair share of lumpy misshapen jerseys that bulge out in all the wrong places. Non-sporty clothes are designed for women-shaped bodies, so why not sports clothes (its a no-brainer!).

Also, if you in the mood for scaring the bejasus out of your opponent check out the back of this custom jersey they’ve designed:



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