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Cheap Sombrio, Kona and Race Face @ Always Riding

Always Riding have a 25% sale on some Sombrio, Kona and Race Face clothes on their site. I particularly like the cheapness of their Sombrio Wingwomen Jacket @ 54 compared with the CRC price of 79:


They also do a great range of TwinSix clothing (review to follow). I have this t-shirt and it fits like a dream.


Unlike t-shirts that loose form and colour in the wash, the Twin-Six t-shirts are durable and look really well on. They are more fitted than normal casual t-shirts which (imho) looks better and shows off our womanly curves (!)


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Cheapness Alert! Sombrio Cloud Jersey

Just came across this on Wiggle:

A Sombrio Cloud jersey for only 15 pounds (free shipping to UK and Ireland)!!! I was a bit unsure about this top but then found this review on Muddbunnies ( and it looks gorgeous on one of their club members:



I have a couple of Sombrio tops and can vouch for their durability and great sizing, especially over armour. Get it while you can!

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I’m No Feminist But…

I have always hated the way some bike manufacturers refer to women’s stuff as ‘Girls’. Take Sombrio, for example, on their website they have clothes listed as ‘Men’s’ and then as ‘Girl’s’. Why not ‘Men’ and ‘Women’? (or Boys and Girls).


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