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Wow Pow Gloves

Check out the cool designs of these Pow Ladies MTB gloves:

The Fremount gloves are made “with corded nylon that is so breathable it’s like a second skin… the POW Fremont women’s bike glove keeps you cool and vented in warmer conditions, but protected from the elements.” (taken from linky). I really like the check design and brown cuffs. I think the combination of pink and brown looks great and tones down the girlyness of the gloves.


I also really liked these Slick gloves, with inbuilt knuckle protection for any impromptu tree punching:

POw PInk

I could only find US distributers for these (Altrec and Beyond Bikes) – worth the shipping though!

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Feety Fox Racing

Ooo look at the cuteness of these Fox MX socks (I never thought I would say ‘cute’ and ‘MX’ in the same sentence). They would be brilliant for under leg armor (avoiding the scratchy marks from velcro around the knees and whippings from branches), I love the  polkadotness of them! (I think you are probably seeing a pattern here)

16041-285_1_largeAvailable from MX1 @ £9.99

More cute feet related items from Fox:

57901001FThis ‘Toasty Toes Slipper Pack’ would be perfect to slip into after a day throwing the bike around. And they come in a gorgeous pouch as well. Personally I have a set of ancient polka dot furry slippers that I put on after every ride. They are starting to look a bit manky at this stage – hmm might be an idea to pick up a new pair. Damn it, this bloody blog just makes me want to buy more and more stuff. NOT good for my bank balance! Actually they are super cheap ($12.99) in the Fox sale at the moment *clicks to check bank balance* *sighs after realization of insufficient funds* 😦

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Yeti Cycles T-Shirts Online Sale

The guys at Yeti Cycles are having a sale on some of their ladies t-shirts in their online shop at the moment. These t-shirts are great for before/after rides/races, cleaning mucky bikes and oiling rusty chains (ok, probably best not to wear the yellow one while doing this).


I like the bright colours and simple logos, and at a super-bargain $15.00 you cant really go wrong.

Available from Yeti Cycles.

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Even Krankier: New Krank Dirtwear

Just got sent details of some new jerseys from top New Zealand based MTB clothing shop Krank Dirtwear. I am really liking their use of bold colours and their designs are different to the usual BIG LOGOS plastered on every available surface of a garment. These two jerseys are a perfect example of their designs:


Its great to see on their site that they have women riders in mind, “Noticing that the lady mountain bike riders weren’t getting a fair deal with their mountainbike clothes we decided to design all of our ladies MTB clothes to suit their distinctive shape from XS right through to WXL we cater for all…”. As a stupidly-tiny 4′ 11″ rider, I have had to wear my fair share of lumpy misshapen jerseys that bulge out in all the wrong places. Non-sporty clothes are designed for women-shaped bodies, so why not sports clothes (its a no-brainer!).

Also, if you in the mood for scaring the bejasus out of your opponent check out the back of this custom jersey they’ve designed:



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French Fashion: Commencal

Commencal make great looking bikes, and looking at their shop their clothing line reflects this. From the 2009 line, this Patch Black jersey is a nice combination of graphics and slimline colouring.



For DH girls, and for winter riding, this SuperTeam long sleeve would be a good addition to any wardrobe.



I was also happy to see that they use REAL LIFE people to model their clothes. The trend of using computer generated graphics rather than the real item really puts me off buying clothes online. With real models, you can see the fit and colour, and get an idea whether it would suit the rider. Available from the Commencal Shop:

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Ugly Cycling Clothes 7: He’s Watching You

Ruff ruffAvailable from CRC: (I dont know why I am giving the link to this monstrosity – perhaps someone, somewhere wants to buy it for novelty value… maybe…)

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Top Ten Trainers: Five Ten Impact Karver

Five Ten shoes have recently introduced a women’s version of their ever popular MTB shoes. Available at CRC from ultra-tiny size 3 (35.5) up to size 7.5 (41.5), these shoes are a must for any XC or DH rider who uses flat pedals. The soles are made from super grippy Stealth rubber which make sure your feet stay on the pedals when you are going foot-out-flat-out.



Looking at their design, I was a bit disappointed that the usual purple/pinky colour scheme was used for a ladies MTB shoe, but considering that the shoes will most likely get so mucky that it wont be seen its not much of an issue. Two girls from my club have these, and have only good things to say about them, especially in that they protect your ankle from pedal-bashing.

Good call on Five Ten for introducing these (especially in the small sizes for girls like me!). These are a MUST for any flat pedal MTBer. Available from CRC:

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