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O’Neal 2010 Element MX/DH Jersey

As part of O’Neal’s 2010 clothing line, they have created a super-budget MX / DH ladies jersey. At only $21.99 it is a steal for a good quality over-armour jersey.


I really like the small details like elbow padding and extended tail (there is nothing worse than having your arse on show tearing down a track), and the fuchsia cuffs are very cute. Available from the O’Neal’s online shop.

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Cheap Sombrio, Kona and Race Face @ Always Riding

Always Riding have a 25% sale on some Sombrio, Kona and Race Face clothes on their site. I particularly like the cheapness of their Sombrio Wingwomen Jacket @ 54 compared with the CRC price of 79:


They also do a great range of TwinSix clothing (review to follow). I have this t-shirt and it fits like a dream.


Unlike t-shirts that loose form and colour in the wash, the Twin-Six t-shirts are durable and look really well on. They are more fitted than normal casual t-shirts which (imho) looks better and shows off our womanly curves (!)

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Etsy bike odds and ends

Etsy have a great range of random bike odds and ends most of which are handmade and come from individual artists. Here are a selection of some of my faves:

Bi-fold wallet: I love the tartan detail and the curious addition of birds and bike. Very nice idea which works well. I really like the matching white button too.


Track bike rainbow t-shirt: RETRO!!!


Recycled bike clock: Funky colours – check, use of old bike parts – check, wavery clock hands – check


And then the truly bizzare……

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Trashycat Paw Print Armwarmers

I was a bit sceptical at first when I clicked into the TrashyCat site. The models posing a la Littlewoods catalogue and the pink and white background did not favour well. However, when I came across these gorgeous blue paw print arm warmers, all was redeemed:


I love the light blue colour, and the paw prints are a really nice quirky addition to them. They are also available in black @ $19.99.

On the other hand, I think this model is VERY unimpressed with this outfit she was given to wear (I don’t blame her, it has echoes of this):


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Yeti Cycles T-Shirts Online Sale

The guys at Yeti Cycles are having a sale on some of their ladies t-shirts in their online shop at the moment. These t-shirts are great for before/after rides/races, cleaning mucky bikes and oiling rusty chains (ok, probably best not to wear the yellow one while doing this).


I like the bright colours and simple logos, and at a super-bargain $15.00 you cant really go wrong.

Available from Yeti Cycles.

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Mmmm Pizza: Park Tools Big Wheel Pizza Tool

Continuing the ‘foodie’ posts, I am going to review something that I actually have! Seriously! I got this as a birthday present for my boyfriend (bit like Homer giving Marge a bowling ball for her birthday) and it is a deadly little contraption for the kitchen. Not only does it LOOK like a bike, but it has a super sharp blade and cuts up pizzas into perfect little edible triangles. It is really easy to use as the back of the bike is the handle and the blade sits into a plastic holder when you are not using it (a bit like the ones you use to sit a front wheel in a turbo trainer-but mini sized!).

Mmm Pizza

Mmm Pizza

This is a great ‘stocking filler’, or if you are bored and want to play how-many-things-can-I-get-off-Chain-Reaction-Cycles-for-less-than-€20 (I managed 5, which included bar ends, socks, tubes and stickers – be creative!). Available from CRC @ €16

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Lovely locks by Ana Nichoola

One of the cutest accessories in a long while. For those of us that wear our locks around our waists / chests, these lock-covers come in a range of gorgeous styles and add a bit of colour to the daily commute (rumour has it, that there is a polka dot one on the way!).


I really like the green camo one:


Some of the designs also have a reflective stripe, and are available at the super cheap price of £9 from

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