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Cheap Sombrio, Kona and Race Face @ Always Riding

Always Riding have a 25% sale on some Sombrio, Kona and Race Face clothes on their site. I particularly like the cheapness of their Sombrio Wingwomen Jacket @ 54 compared with the CRC price of 79:


They also do a great range of TwinSix clothing (review to follow). I have this t-shirt and it fits like a dream.


Unlike t-shirts that loose form and colour in the wash, the Twin-Six t-shirts are durable and look really well on. They are more fitted than normal casual t-shirts which (imho) looks better and shows off our womanly curves (!)

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Might Be Nice On 1 – Kona Circle Jersey

Ok, so I have decided to have a category for clothes that *might* be nice on, but because of poor photography and/or lack of actual tangilble contact with the garment I cant decide whether it is gick or slick. Take this Kona Circle Jersey (



I love Kona clothes. I think they do great sizing and I have bought loads of their stuff before. Their freeridey tops (to be reviewed) are great, and dont fall apart even after 100,000 super  mucky washes. This top has polka dots (woo) but shit-brown stripes (boo), but I have a feeling that it will be super-pretty on (*cough* maybe Kona would like to send me one to try on *cough*)

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