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Etsy bike odds and ends

Etsy have a great range of random bike odds and ends most of which are handmade and come from individual artists. Here are a selection of some of my faves:

Bi-fold wallet: I love the tartan detail and the curious addition of birds and bike. Very nice idea which works well. I really like the matching white button too.


Track bike rainbow t-shirt: RETRO!!!


Recycled bike clock: Funky colours – check, use of old bike parts – check, wavery clock hands – check


And then the truly bizzare……

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Lovely locks by Ana Nichoola

One of the cutest accessories in a long while. For those of us that wear our locks around our waists / chests, these lock-covers come in a range of gorgeous styles and add a bit of colour to the daily commute (rumour has it, that there is a polka dot one on the way!).


I really like the green camo one:


Some of the designs also have a reflective stripe, and are available at the super cheap price of £9 from

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