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Mountain Bike Sandwich Wrapper

In looking around the deepest darkest Interweb for bike bargains, cute mtb clothing and interesting accessories, sometimes items appear that just HAVE to be mentioned. Etsy is a huge community of users that buy and sell handmade items, and one member has created… wait for it….  reusable mountain bike sandwich wrappers!

Mmmm bacon

Mmmm bacon

Granted its not the most useful thing that has ever been made, but I suppose it saves you on those mini plastic bags to wrap your sambo in, AND makes you look cool in the lunchroom, AND it saves bits of the sandwich falling out of the sandwich (I hate when that happens, especially bits of lettuce, and then you have to squash them back in). So all in all, weighing up the pros and cons, I think this is a necessary accessory for any biker. Buy it from: (ah go on its only 6 dollars!)


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